We wander, we roam, we drift,

We rove, we seek,

We Mooch

Biography of Wemooch


Wemooch is a relentless drifter, a seasoned pro. He's not too sure why. Something in the jeans maybe. He'll check the pockets next time they're washed just in case. Just like the littlest hobo 'Maybe tomorrow he'll wanna settle down, Until tomorrow he'll just keep moving on'

His purpose in life is to wander, hoping to find some substance in his seemingly pointless existence. A regular way of life was never an option for him...Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Eat, sleep, work, repeat...No way Pedro.

Choosing instead to eat, sleep, work, move repeat and his incessant wandering took him around the world three times, through five continents, over 50 countries, working in 9 of those...

He farted about in Dutch bulb factories...Picked apples in Italy, albeit very briefly...Bartered his artwork for food and lodging in Greece...Dug holes in Australia and filled a fair few in...

In Germany, he pulled up trees...Made cocktails in Japan and drank more than he probably should...Became pit boy in Canada...Fixed up buildings after earthquakes in New Zealand...And did some more hole filling and tarting up in Norway.

Fortunately, he's made from Yorkshire stock where the saying goes:

'Ear all, see all, seh nowt;

Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt;

And if ever tha does owt fer nowt;

Allus do it fer thissen.

For those struggling to make sense of the above passage, 'Ye olde' Yorkshire dialect possesses shades of 'Shakespeareanisms' still in use today. It loosely translates to being as tight as a gnat's chuff, which again loosely translates as not willing to overindulge financially speaking.

When he works he saves. He's not that bothered about having the latest smartphone, or a flashy motor. He stays clear of overpriced coffee in pretentious surroundings and shudders at the thought of a chugger.

He realised that having and wanting 'things' is a futile pursuit and instead prefers to spend his hard-earned cash on a bit of a wander. Seeing new places and having new experiences.

All that makes him feel alive as opposed to only half-alive, like a Zombie type thing.

When everything is new, you feel like a child again; that special time when amazement was all around you

His mooches have changed over the years. Back in the early days his motivation was covering lots of ground and partying hard. These days he prefers a slower pace, spending plenty of time with a camera in hand and is particularly prone to approaching people with selfie sticks, pulling out a pair of bolt cutters, and cutting them in half...Plans for the future include starting a school for selfie stick sniffer dogs to save energy as he's knocking on a bit now.


He's learned a few things after all that mooching. If you're thinking about going for a wander yourself you'll need a few things to come together for it all to work out...

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