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Lake Tekapo

This distinctive alpine lake in the central region of New Zealand's south island is home to 350 residents and is New Zealand's highest large lake.

Forming when the terminal moraines of receding glaciers blocked their respective valleys. It has a particularly bright turquoise colour which is created by finely ground rock particles from the glaciers, known as 'glacial flour'.

Along with nearby Lake Pukaki, it's quite a sight to behold, emanating an ethereal quality.

Photographing Lake Tekapo

This sublime, azure alpine lake with its backdrop of surrounding peaks and wide-open skies are a dream for landscape photographers capturing its spectacular vistas.  Take a hike around the surrounding hills above the lake to witness all the shimmering possibilities.

The region is also a prime location for some serious astrophotography being as it's part of the largest dark sky reserve in the world. Keen stargazers will behold incredible constellations seen only in the southern hemisphere. Such sights including the Southern Cross, to the Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way.

Tekapo and near neighbour Lake Pukaki have enough to keep you busier than a one-armed paperhanger with winnits.

Boring factual stuff about Lake Tekapo

  • The observatory atop nearby Mount John houses the largest telescope in New Zealand and is the focal point for the dark sky reserve.
  • On average, Lake Tekapo sees 2180 hours of sunshine per year. 200 hours more than New Zealand's average.

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