Wemooch is on the hunt...

Looking for contributors to this platform. Photographers and writers are sought and encouraged to showcase their work here on this site.

So what is Wemooch?

It's a travel site for the intrepid.

I have travelled through over 50 countries, working and living for extended periods in 9 of those. For the most part, I arrived with only a backpack and a pitiful amount of cash.

However, with the right attitude, a useful temporary work visa, (although not always) and a keen desire to progress, I managed to find employment.

This enabled me to keep doing what I love...

Exploring the nooks and crannies of our amazing blue planet that we all call home.

Apparently, there are 195 nations on planet earth, 75% of which I haven't laid eyes on.

As Wemooch is primarily a photo-centric travel project, contributions are sought from travel photographers but also the writers/bloggers of this world to showcase your work.

Ideally sought is a body of work that includes that 75% of the planet that I haven't seen.

With this in mind, Wemooch is a cyber-home for travellers.

Photographers; Shot a recent headhunt in Papua? Captured a hedonistic Helsinki or a delirious Delhi on a recent city break?

Writers; 'Postcards from the edge' type stuff are especially in demand here.

You'll be part of a growing creative community who love heading off for a bit of a wander, a wee mooch so to speak.

All contributions will be credited and if you upload enough content you'll even have your own page, wow just imagine that.

Collaborate on Wemooch and let us build a portfolio of wanderlust together.

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